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Preparing the paperwork

Once you’ve sealed the deal, you’ll need to write a receipt acknowledging the following information:

  • The date
  • The amount paid
  • The make and model of car sold
  • The car’s registration
  • The names and addresses of buyer and seller

Make two copies of the receipt; one for you and one for the buyer. The most important thing for you to do next is to fill out the tear-off portion of your car’s registration document (its V5C) and send it off to the DVLA; give the top part of the V5C to the new owner. Telling the DVLA that the car has a new owner means you won’t be liable for any fines racked up after the sale.

Finish off by handing over any other useful documentation such as:

  • The car’s handbook and service records
  • The MOT certificate (if it’s over three years old)
  • Any paperwork that relates to the car’s warranty, if it still has one

Inform your insurance company and return the tax disc to the DVLA for a refund (unless it’s part of the deal).