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Setting the price

Setting the right price is vital for a quick sale – too high and you won’t get much interest, too low and you’re giving money away.

There are several ways to set the right price:

  • Look at the Nissan Figaro Price Guide to get some idea of where your car fits into the valuation.
  • Search Figaro Trader for cars of the same age, condition, mileage and those with similar extras.

There are many things that affect a car’s value, including:

  • Mileage
  • Equipment, such as reconditioned Clarion CD player.
  • Condition of roof, seats and carpets.
  • Overall condition.
  • Colour
  • Customisation level.

Remember, dealers price their cars higher as they need to cover their costs and make a profit. Private sellers don’t need to make a profit, and don’t have the overheads that a dealer does, so make sure you price yours in-line with other private sellers.

The key is to price your car just above what you expect to receive, leaving room to haggle – everyone likes to think they’re getting a bargain.

Think about where you want your advert to appear in the search listings. Setting your price at, say, £4,999 means your advert is unlikely to appear top in the listing of cars for £5,000 and under.

Take into account the price segments but be realistic and don’t overinflate your price – potential buyers will lose interest.